I’m currently available to produce, coordinate, direct, storyboard, and animate.

I’ve directed animated shorts and full episodes for the web and television, put together animation and video film festivals for multi-city runs, and most recently was Head Producer for live action and animated shows for Nick Toons, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon. As a Director and Producer I enjoy developing ideas from their most basic concepts all the way to fully realized pieces of visual storytelling.

In 2000 I was a student in Boston working with a group of likeminded animators to produce a film festival of video and animation shorts. We continued to put together festivals for another four years.  After college I moved with the group to San Francisco and began doing web design and animation for DVDs and promotion.  From San Francisco I got the opportunity to move to New York and write, storyboard, and animate on a pilot.

In 2003 I began working at Animation Collective, a fledgling company that was doing a pilot for MTV and a web series for AOL.  I began as a storyboard artist and animator, but after a couple of years I was directing more web series and sssistant directing on other television pilots.

I continued to work for Animation Collective as a Director and Story Developer through 2011.  As a director I kept an eye on all the various facets of production and worked closely with the producers to meet the tight deadlines under low budgets.

In Summer of 2011 I became Head of Production at the studio and for the next year and a half I oversaw two live-action animation hybrid shows for television.  My hands were in there from the very beginning. I worked with the writers to develop story arcs and character tone, with the live action crew to discuss casting choices and locations, set design and direction. I was a little bit of everything for those two shows, helping to coordinate and making creative decisions on every level. The challenge was to make two good shows on a low budget and with very little initial thought put into the concept. It was development on the fly. I am proud of those two shows. I was able to produce two shows in tandem with a number of hurdles in place, and still come out with product that is more rich than the budget and basic concept would suggest.